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Wapnote is a new website which allows users to build and send out mobile internet (i.e. wap) sites quickly and easily. It has lots of uses for business and for fun:

  • Use it to build a mobile internet website for your business.
  • Use it for your sms and mobile marketing.
  • Use it to invite your friends to a party.
  • Use it to send your holiday snaps to your family.
  • Use it to organise your club's next event..
  • Get more ideas on the examples page!

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Wapnote provides an editor for creating mobile internet sites and adding text, images, forms and other pages to them.

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Once you have created your mobile internet website you can send it to friends, family, customers, etc. using SMS, Twitter or Email!

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Express yourself on your own mobile internet website! Send out party invitations via the mobile internet! Send out a mobile internet birthday card! Wapnote will help you have fun with the mobile internet!

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Use Wapnote to promote your company, product or service. See how in the Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing section!